Building Better Bodies

Just for Kids

Forest 24/7 Fitness is running 8 week group classes implementing skills for ages 13 to 17 years old.

The 8 week group class will be broken down into two phases

Phase 1:

 Week 1 and Week 2: Gymnastics Mobility Movements

A 2 week introduction to Gymnastic Strength Training. We teach basic body positions and discover ranges of motion unique to conventional workout programs.

These movements have been selected to highlight mobility deficits which currently exist in people’s physical structure. By identifying these deficits we can then begin to take progressive action towards their resolution.

Week 3 and 4: Learning correct technique of barbell movements

The focus of these 2 weeks is teach correct form of compound movements with the barbell. The class will go through a series of mobility drills to prepare the body for barbell training. The following movements will be taught in the class. How to correctly:

o Squat

o Bench press

o Deadlift

o Overhead press

o Lunge

o Bent-over row

Phase 2:

 Week 1 and 2: Calisthenics training

Building strength through calisthenics training. The goal is to establish a strong foundation teaching the following movements:

o Dips and (assisted dip version)

o Pull ups and (assisted pull up version)

o Muscle ups and (assisted muscle up version)

o Pistol Squats

o Gymnastic ring skills

Week 3 and 4: Circuit Training

The final 2 weeks we will take the students through group circuit training workouts. The circuit training is based on high intensity workout which consist of a combination of strength and cardio equipment. The goal of the workouts is to build fitness endurance. The workout will involve:

o Kettle bells

o Medicine balls

o Barbells

o Gymnasitc rings

o Ski erg

o Rogue echo bike

o Rowing machine

o Body weight


Time: Classes run twice a week

Tuesday & Thursday

4:00pm – 4.45pm

Cost: $120 for the 8 weeks